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11 Under-The-Radar Chicago VCs You Should Know About

Updated: May 18, 2019

March 22, 2019 By Pete Wilkins

In my most-recent Forbes article, I shared about 12 Chicago-based VCs that are behind hot startups both within our region, like G2 Crowd, and beyond, like SpaceX. These firms tend to get a lot of buzz and make national headlines, but they are far from being the only venture investors in Chicago that fuel entrepreneurs.

“While these Chicago-based firms may not be household names (yet), entrepreneurs and venture peers across the globe certainly know them well.”

There are a number of firms throughout Chicago that operate more under-the-radar while producing impressive returns to LPs, supporting exciting companies, and garnering the respect and recognition of their peers. In fact, many of these firms are setting an important standard for venture success by putting women at the forefront of their organizations. In the interest of highlighting their remarkable work, here are 11 “under-the-radar” Chicago venture firms that drive both investor and entrepreneur excellence worldwide.


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